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What we offer.

What we offer


Is your team disoriented due to multiple projects or legislative changes? Are teachers burned -out? Is there a lack of clarity of where the future is going? Do you have poor or bad economic results? Are you happy with your academic achievements? Are you suffering from the dissatisfaction of parents, students or teachers? Do you know where you are headed with already implemented curriculum changes? How can you align your educational team with your school’s mission?

To help you with all those questions, ITEM offers you the following services:

Assessment of the school: Evaluation of customer satisfaction, compliance and focus to mission objectives, staff qualifications and staff satisfaction, facilities, educational and financial goals.

Design and implementation of a strategic plan.

Talent managing: Selection of managers and teachers.
Training , development and monitoring of managers.


The executive coaching program is the best aid to managers and teachers on their way to personal and professional development. In the executive coaching process, qualities are enhanced and weaknesses are strengthened.


We put you into shape providing refresher courses for those wishing to improve their teaching along with personalized advice for principals and teachers.
Training and development of managers and teachers. From self- tests on skills, motivations and observable behavior, arise personalized development plans. We organize workshops and courses tailored to the needs of our customers: efficiency workshops to improve teamwork, organizational change workshops, skills development workshops and educational courses.



We train and select the best management teams and teachers.

If you want to inspire and boost the educational sector in Spain or the world, SEND YOUR CV TO talento@inspirandotalento.com

We will give you an interview and you will become part of our selection process. We give you advice on those schools most suitable to your profile and objectives and propose the additional training you might need to achieve your goals.


The national and international conferences organized by ITEM are the best time to share experiences, learn from others, discover new methods applied to the classroom, share ideas with other managers and teachers from different cities and countries, and facilitate partnerships and networking.